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2014/12/16 09:18
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In Chinese culture, water is highly praised for its "impermanence and good change". In the business world, more people pay attention to the river's constant striving spirit. In Guangdong Jiangmen Changhe group, the word "Changhe" embedded in the enterprise has different connotations.


Mr. Zhao Wenhai, chairman of Changhe group (first from the right)


In Chinese culture, water is highly praised for its "impermanence and good change". In the business world, more people pay attention to the river's constant striving spirit. In Guangdong Jiangmen Changhe group, the word "Changhe" embedded in the enterprise has different connotations.
Take scientific research as the source of enterprise vitality and environmental protection as the guarantee of sustainable development. Mr. Zhao Wenhai, chairman of the board of directors, explains the continuous progress of Changhe group from another aspect - the continuous flow of rivers, from the continuous trickle.
Since the start of Yuexin organic chemical plant in Xinhui District of Jiangmen City in 2001, Jiangmen Changhe group has grown from small to large. Now it has become a new chemical enterprise with 11 branches and Beijing high tech Development Center, with a total investment of 300 million yuan. The group and its branches run through petrochemical industry, resin synthesis, fitness, building materials, shipbuilding, sealant, waterproof, printing chemical industry and carbon Black and other high-tech products in various fields.



A corner of the production plant


Many fields are still inseparable from the nature of chemical industry. Perhaps, as Zhao Wenhai, chairman of the group, told reporters, the development of diversification may begin with the character of "I like to do new things". It is these "new things" that have become the source of vitality of Changhe group.
Taking the silicon PU material developed exclusively by Changhe group in 2001 as an example, after being put into the market in 2005, it was approved by the market inspection and fully developed in 2006. Its advantages of environmental protection, durability and convenient construction immediately occupied the market of outdoor sports ground. Mr. Zhao Wenhai is highly praised in the industry and honored as "the first silicon Pu". This product is also the only stadium building materials invented by the Chinese people. Silicon Pu is only one of many materials developed by Changhe group.



There are birds settled in the trees near the workshop

Products are getting better and better, involving more and more fields, and the market is growing larger and larger. Enterprises have tasted the "sweet spot" in scientific and technological research and development, and the pace of research and development of new materials and applications is faster and faster. Although it has a lot of investment, Changhe group still adheres to the enterprise policy of focusing on scientific research. But in the direction of research and development, Mr. Zhao Wenhai has his own ideas.
"Sports ground is made for health. If it's harmful to human body, it's better to run in the mud." When talking about Changhe group's involvement in the research and development of plastic runway materials, Mr. Zhao Wenhai told reporters in this way. The real reason for Changhe group to pay attention to this field is some complaints from the owners.
Strong taste, injury, discomfort Even physical education teachers in some schools prefer to give up the built plastic track and teach indoors. Changhe group hopes to solve this dilemma through its own efforts. On the other hand, the company also focuses on how to effectively reduce pollution and loss in the production process


Drainage channel in the plant area


Now, Changhe group has its own research and development of plastic runway, using unique processing technology, on the premise of ensuring various indicators such as runway resilience, greatly reducing the content of chlorinated paraffin, benzene and other harmful substances in the products. In addition, the two existing environmental protection patents of the group enable the production line of the enterprise to reach the zero discharge standard, so that the production process is tasteless and free of waste water.
Not to be a rootless source, in addition to constantly updating enterprise products and maintaining development vitality through research and development, Changhe group also avoided "fishing in the dry water, burning forest and hunting", making a choice of conscience in the face of economic and environmental benefits, becoming a "zero emission" enterprise, seeking well-being for future generations.
In the interview, Mr. Zhao Wenhai once said: "believe in the future". When silicon Pu first came out of the market, he also said "believe in the future, believe in the market" with his confidence in products. Now, after Changhe plastic runway is put into the market, he once again said that he believes that in the future, this is still the confidence of an industry expert in the future development of the market.
We also firmly believe that the future of Changhe group will be a long-term development with the support of a strong scientific research team and in the thinking of sustainable development!
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