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2007/09/07 16:49
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The surface materials of sports venues have always been a topic of concern, especially for outdoor large-area basketball and tennis venues, acrylic and polyurethane (PU) materials have always been the first choice


The surface materials of sports venues have always been a topic of concern, especially for outdoor large-area basketball and tennis venues, acrylic and polyurethane (PU) materials have always been the first choice
Today we are going to introduce a revolutionary product, Changhe silicon Pu (SPU) stadium material. For this reason, we specially interviewed Mr. Liang Jianrong, manager of health and Sports Department of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zheng Anshun, general manager of North sales center


Mr. Liang Jianrong, manager of health and Sports Department of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd

Venue resource network: Mr. Liang, how do you do? First of all, can you briefly introduce the research and development process of such a stadium material as Changhe silicon Pu (SPU)? What kind of thinking or inspiration made your company develop such a product?

Mr. Liang Jianrong: Well, first of all, our company has always been focusing on the production of various chemical products. Our president Zhao likes sports very much, especially table tennis. Once in a while, we saw an article about the health and environmental protection of the school's sports ground. In this article, we analyzed the environmental protection and safety problems of the sports ground. From this, we found that we can provide a safety environment for the school The sports ground of Baoji is very important, so we started the research of relevant products. We developed the silicon Pu (SPU) material in 2000, but we didn't officially put it on the market until 2005, because we must ensure that the environmental protection and safety of the product is 100%, so that we can enter the market

Mr. Zheng Anshun (middle), general manager of North sales center of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd


Mr. Zheng Anshun: let me add that the article about environmental protection and health of school sports ground is actually one-sided, because the materials used in the sports ground can't be completely environmental protection, especially some construction technologies, such as proportion matching problems, if not handled properly, there will be problems, and some bad things will be released in a long time, but if we are in the construction ring Section control is very good, to meet the relevant national standards, such a site is no problem

Mr. Liang Jianrong: Yes, our products are tested according to some national indoor material standards in the process of R & D
Venue resource network: can you briefly introduce some structural features of Changhe silicon Pu (SPU)?
Mr. Liang Jianrong: Yes, our products are divided into three layers, from the inside to the outside are waterproof layer, elastic layer and surface layer, which are 3mm thick. The core of the whole technology is the surface material. Because of some characteristics of chemical element silicon Si, we think it is particularly suitable for outdoor sports venues
The promise of our surface material to our customers is 5-8 years of quality assurance, while the elastic material layer is 8-10 years of non-aging. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of the surface layer are basically unnecessary. The rain in the natural environment can help you clean the stadium


 Venue resource network: what is the biggest difference between the sites built with Changhe silicon Pu (SPU) materials and those built with other materials in the past?

Mr. Liang Jianrong: the biggest difference and the starting point of our design is environmental protection! You can smell our samples without any taste. It is very important to use this in the school site
The second is the construction requirements. Our products can be directly constructed on the cement ground, or even on the uneven ground, without Party A investing too much cost in the foundation layer
Thirdly, in terms of economy, compared with acrylate and polyurethane (PU), our materials have higher cost performance ratio, rather than simply comparing prices. With our products, we can control the cost better under the premise of ensuring quality
Venue resource network: does such a good product enter the foreign market?
Mr. Liang Jianrong: in this respect, I need Mr. Zheng to explain, because he has had contact with customers in Singapore recently
Mr. Zheng Anshun: we received an order from a Singaporean customer not long ago. They saw our products at the exhibition, then visited our factory in person, and finally chose our products for construction
In addition, we may get some orders in Russia from September to October
In order to match our products into the international market, we are currently cooperating with some international sports ground material laboratories to test our products, mainly in accordance with FIBA standards to test some product performance

Mr. Zheng Anshun, Mr. Liang Jianrong and Miss He of venue resource network

 Venue resource network: which project impresses you most in the domestic market?

Mr. Liang Jianrong: I remember that President Zheng introduced a Nike basketball park project in Beijing. Our products won the final bid in the material competition at home and abroad
Mr. Zheng Anshun: Yes, at that time, Nike needed to lay several outdoor basketball courts according to their color requirements. Because they have very high requirements on color and pattern design, other products may have some color deviation, and our products have no problem in color, because we can completely match colors according to customers' requirements



Brief introduction of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Changhe group) is a large Sino Australian joint venture chemical enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and sales. At present, the company has 8 subsidiaries and Beijing high tech Development Center, with a total investment of 150 million yuan.
Changhe group is engaged in the research and development of silicon Pu stadium materials, tebang tiger professional stadium glue, petrochemical industry, polymer synthesis, chemical building materials, dry-type papermaking, fire-proof board, printing chemical industry and equipment, promotion and application of high and new material technology and many other fields.
Leaders of Changhe group aim at the needs of domestic and international chemical market with keen eyes and take professional research and development of high-tech products as the starting point. Adhering to the guiding ideology of seeking truth and innovation, giving full play to its own technical strength and advantages, constantly bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new, providing the society with high-tech chemical products with strong adaptability and high cost performance, and winning the trust and recognition of the majority of users.
The company adopts advanced technology and strict scientific management to establish ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Our company adheres to the development of science and technology, cooperates extensively with domestic well-known enterprises (Sinopec), scientific research institutions (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and famous universities, and has strong product development and production strength. The overall comprehensive level of similar products is in the leading position in China, and some products reach the international advanced level and replace similar imported products.
Honest, honest and scientific pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service are the market principles of Changhe people. The group company adheres to the tenet of "scientific management promotes quality and customer demand is fundamental", especially in the field of sports floor materials, which has been recognized by the international and domestic markets and customers. After being used, it has priority in applicability, environmental protection and other aspects over other products in the same industry. Now the products are widely used in stadiums, organs, institutions and schools at all levels, and far away Sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, South Africa and other countries and regions.



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