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  • Changhe group shining 2008 Sports Fair


    From May 29 to June 1, Changhe group participated in the 22nd China international sporting goods Expo held in Beijing and set up booths. At this sports fair, the materials of Changhe silicon Pu (SPU) stadium are still the focus of attention.

  • "Changhe all plastic SPU self knotted runway" reappears in North Korea!


    June 20, North Korea's Kim Il Sung stadium renovation project was officially completed. This is another masterpiece of Changhe group after the completion of the "all plastic SPU self textured runway project" of the world's largest stadium, May 1 stadium, in September 2014!

  • On the second day of February, the Dragon rises, the dragon of Changhe charity flies


    As we all know, it is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation to be benevolent, to do good and to accumulate virtue and to help the poor. From the "porridge" of Han Dynasty to the "Yicang" of Qing Dynasty, from the "tongshanhui" of Ming Dynasty to the "anjitang" of Qing Dynasty, all of them shine the light of human love. Charity is a noble and sacred social public welfare, a vivid display of human love, and an important symbol of social civilization and progress.

  • Changhe, explaining the transformation of silicon Pu from material to commodity


    At this sports fair, the silicon PU Elastic court material created the exhibition stand of Changhe group. With the theme of "ten years of classic casting", the ten-year growth process of silicon PU material from its birth to becoming the first choice material for outdoor basketball ground was shared with all the audience. At the same time, the new product upgraded and innovated by Changhe group on the basis of silicon Pu: SPU elastic acrylic material specially designed and developed for tennis was displayed Materials, crystal smart course that can meet the requirements of "one field and multiple uses", wood grain silicon Pu that can realize the product positioning of "laying wood floor course outdoors", environmental protection all plastic track, prefabricated self knot track, etc. Among them, the wood grain silicon PU material, whose appearance and performance are very close to the wood floor court, attracts the most attention of many customers at home and abroad.

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