Silicon PU material creator and namer
Laying the world's first silicon PU site
One of the chief editors of Shanghai Group Standards—
China Athletics Association Approved Product, IAAF Certified Product, ATP Tour Venue Material Supplier
Global product laying area exceeds
40 million square meters
Annual production capacity of two major production bases is 
200,000 tons

Established in July 2002, Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Changhe Group for short) is a large national high-tech enterprise with diversified development, and its business covers petrochemical industry, ground for recreation and sports, resin synthesis, chemical building materials, industrial and commercial floor, yacht manufacturing, tourism and other fields. Adhering to the development concept of “independent innovation”, following the business purpose of “think about others while handling affairs and benefits”, Changhe Group enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad by virtue of its leading technology research and development, strict quality management, unique marketing model and perfect supporting services.


Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Changhe Group for short) insists on innovation-driven development. Through research, experiment and summary for three years, it finally successfully developed a kind of new elastic court material -- silicon PU in 2005. From then on, an era of court construction with “silicon PU” as the mainstream was started. In 2013, Changhe Group launched a new track material -- SPU, which can effectively improve athletes’ competitive level, reduce sports injuries and is safe and non-toxic, and obtained the invention patent certificate in 2015. Changhe’s products feature to be environment-friendly.

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    Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Changhe Group) proactively assumes the responsibility of "social citizen", not only establishes a charity fund to feedback the society, but also tries its best to reduce the impact on the environment in production and operation. Adhering to the product concept of environmental protection and physical performance, Changhe's health products and floor products are used by large domestic and foreign events, landmark buildings and well-known colleges and universities at all levels. Among them, the international large-scale projects include North Korea ’s Kim Il Sung Stadium, currently the world ’s largest stadium, the May 1 Stadium in North Korea, etc .; Tsinghua University, Peking University, Southeast University (the largest silicon PU stadium in China).

    The accumulated area of products has exceeded 40 million square meters. Industry leader.


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