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  • Media interview: every one of us has a copy of the "disease" in the plastic track industry -- Zhao Wenhai


    Though he is two years old, I still admire his acuteness. Even though he only understands some industry phenomena and events through Internet news, his analysis is so accurate and thorough - and the more direct information stimulation I provide, the more fully he understands and intuitively he is better.

  • The "new national standard" of plastic playground is asking for experts' opinions, and 5 provinces have set local standards


    Yesterday, some experts from the national standards committee who participated in the drafting of the "sports equipment and venues for primary and secondary schools" issued in 2005 revealed that the "new national standard" for plastic playground has been drafted out and experts are being consulted. The specific time of publication has not yet been determined. The expert pointed out that the national standard discussion draft not only considered to increase the detection of toxic and harmful substances, but also regulated the sports performance and safety of the site, which was more comprehensive than the local standard.

  • Xinhua news agency asked five questions about "poison track"


    Editor's note: from Xinjiang to the northeast, from Inner Mongolia to Shenzhen, in the past two years, campus "poison track" events emerge in endlessly, students' parents are furious The centralized outbreak of the campus "poison track" event has become a national event, and its root causes are complex, lasting for a long time, involving a wide range of regions, and bringing harm is beyond imagination.

  • Zhang Rudong: Stadium renovation should be responsible for society and health


    Recently, the reporter of venue resource network conducted a special interview on the renovation of domestic stadiums, so as to let more venue users and maintainers know the precautions in the maintenance and renewal of stadiums, and pay attention to the development of sports surface and the renewal of concepts. For this reason, we interviewed Zhang Rudong, deputy director of the office of China sports venues Association and expert of the sports equipment committee of the State Sports Administration. He analyzed the requirements and precautions in the process of stadium renovation from a professional perspective.

  • The Ministry of construction formally cancelled the qualification for professional contracting of sports field construction projects


    The Ministry of construction formally cancelled the qualification for professional contracting of sports field construction projects

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