Media interview: every one of us has a copy of the "disease" in the plastic track industry -- Zhao Wenhai

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2017/12/22 16:15
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Though he is two years old, I still admire his acuteness. Even though he only understands some industry phenomena and events through Internet news, his analysis is so accurate and thorough - and the more direct information stimulation I provide, the more fully he understands and intuitively he is better.
After two years, when I saw him again, I was as confident, steady, reserved and thin as ever, and more or less thinking was added between my eyebrows. Mr. Zhao Wenhai is a recognized authority and "star entrepreneur" in China's stadium facilities and construction industry. I always try to mobilize all my life's knowledge of physics, chemistry and polymer synthesis, but there are often embarrassments when I don't understand his description of professional skills.
Two years ago, when I had a marathon interview with him in his office, I was greatly impressed by his attentiveness, willpower and judgment, considering his age and energy, which turned into a deep inner admiration. He often uses the most cutting-edge words in the industry to express his insights and give the most forward-looking judgment and interpretation of national policies, as Zhao Qianxiang, torch boss, said,
"Zhao Ge is the most in-depth explorer in our arena construction industry that I have known."


Though he is two years old, I still admire his acuteness. Even though he only understands some industry phenomena and events through Internet news, his analysis is so accurate and thorough - and the more direct information stimulation I provide, the more fully he understands and intuitively he is better.
In the past year, the event of "toxic runway" has attracted the attention of the whole world. In the context of the implementation of a number of favorable policies for national fitness and sports industry - if there is no such event, China's plastic runway industry, at this time, should have been like artificial grass, which is catching up with the global and international market. However, at this time, China's plastic track industry is gambling with the passing of time and trust crisis.
It's not hard to find mistakes. It's hard to find one after another over the years. With the intervention of Xinhua news agency and CCTV, in just two weeks, the peculiar smell event of campus plastic runway was detonated instantly. At last, the plastic track industry has become attached to the words "disintegration" and "collective death" - no longer regarded as impossible by the market.
Yes, I asked Zhao Wenhai in an unexpected way:
Who will cry for the plastic track industry?
"Yes, in the past year, our industry, as you can see, has been healing."
I know that such questions make it difficult for Zhao Wenhai to systematize his way of answering at first. Because this industry is not the same as it used to be. My wonderful memory about this industry is the moment when I tried to wash my hands with the distilled water from the factory recycling in the production base of Changhe group surrounded by birds. "Can the discharged wastewater be used to raise flowers or irrigate vegetation?" I am even more surprised that he can often ask his staff such questions - for the past ten years, he has been pursuing a state of industrialization.
However, he was sensitive to the smell of the industry as early as 2010.
"Six years ago, I took a chance to accompany one of my engineering clients to visit a school's stadium. He told me that the current runway has a strong taste and great harm to children's bodies. Even some school PE teachers would rather give up the built plastic runway and teach indoors This, to be honest, is unheard of. " Zhao Wenhai told me that.
Zhao Wenhai believes that at present, the plastic runway industry needs more perfect, scientific and reasonable national standards urgently -- but in the process of self purification of the whole industry, we should take science as the basis to prevent the emergence of insufficient strength and overcorrection.
For the "toxic runway" incident, Zhao Wenhai told reporters:
"Each of us is a participant as well as a participant."


According to the insiders, after a week's precipitation of the "problem runway" incident, the national education system began to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the built runway, and all the runway projects under construction or already approved were shut down. For a while, the construction and bidding work of the national campus plastic runway have been in a state of stagnation. This market, which accounts for more than half of the output capacity in the field of venue construction, is closed to the whole industry due to the "problem runway" event. Subsequently, more stringent plastic runway standards have been issued in relevant places.
Zhao Wenhai believes that this incident can be compared with the melamine incident of that year.
——"Milk itself is non-toxic, with serious consequences caused by illegal use of additives."
Before the melamine incident in 2008, milk testing only focused on protein content. There was no limit requirement for melamine and other illegal additives in the standard. After the "toxic milk" incident, the national standard quickly included the detection of harmful substances in it. This and the existing plastic runway testing standards did not specifically focus on the content and volatilization of toxic substances The current situation of restriction of organic matter and gas is the same.
Zhao Wenhai firmly believes that the standard is always in the process of advancing with the times and constantly improving. As long as the newly discovered harmful substances can be quickly added to the compulsory standard, or some harmful phenomena can be restricted and managed accordingly, the fake and inferior products can be further avoided from entering the School Park, causing poison to children, and helping the market realize self purification.
Zhao Wenhai also responded to the recent clamour of "to eliminate all runways", "to withdraw plastic runways from the campus" and "to restore sand playground and slag runways". He believes that this kind of reaction is normal in the market, but we also need to understand that chemical products are not the enemy of health.
"Polyurethane itself is non-toxic. This incident mainly reflects the problems existing in the construction industry of the exhibition hall, such as the imperfect national standards, the lax supervision and the urgent need to improve the business ethics of the industry enterprises. It has nothing to do with the plastic products that have been applied and demonstrated for decades. " Zhao said.


"The strictest landmark". Taking the newly issued local standards in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places as an example, the content limit of hazardous substances in the runway has reached the level of toys for children under three years old exported to Europe and America. In other words, according to the new regulations of the local government, if the runway is truly up to the standard, it can theoretically let 0-3-year-old children bite at the entrance. To this end, Zhao Wenhai believes that standards are needed to lead any industry segment, but standards can neither be set too far away from, nor encourage backwardness, otherwise it is easy to intensify social contradictions. It is true that high standards are valuable, but too high requirements will inevitably cause waste of resources, at the same time, it will make a large part of the overall product quality safe and reliable, but some enterprises whose data can not meet the new standards will be eliminated - this is also the market purification factor that is usually considered in the revision process of national standards.
"Whether it is product standard positioning or construction supervision and inspection, whether it is the supervision of sports facilities construction process, scientific and reasonable are the most basic requirements."
On the other hand, in his opinion, the current national standard of plastic runway has not been revised for many years, and there is also a situation of "the high is not high, the low is not low" for some material requirements.
"For example, the current standard for heavy metal content is a little picky, while the detection of harmful toxic components and organic volatile gases, which can better reflect health and safety, is missing."
This results in the fact that some runways that do not meet the national standard have no peculiar smell, and the detection results of runways with peculiar smell are qualified. One of the reasons why "the most stringent local standards" have been issued is that standards lag behind the market and problems force the market. Zhao Wenhai said that according to his experience, many of the so-called "problem runways" that have been eradicated do not necessarily harm people.
"It doesn't meet the standard, but it doesn't taste. It may also be non-toxic. Some substances contain only one millionth of a million. There is no reliable basis for discussing the harm without the dose. "
"At present, it seems that whether it is the self inspection of the education system runway or the second bidding review, or even the various standards that have been issued and will be issued soon, the event still cannot be separated from the government's leading role in the end."
As Zhao said, the construction bidding and corresponding supervision of sports venues in the education system are inseparable from the "visible hand" and "supporting hand" - government agencies. However, as mentioned in many media reports, after the cancellation of sports building qualification, the number of problem runways is gradually increasing, the supervision mechanism of bidding link is missing, and there are some problems in supervision units and testing institutions. One of the reasons for the outbreak of "poison track" is that the government liberalizes the sports construction market and cancels the corresponding qualifications. In Zhao Wenhai's view, qualification cancellation is a market-oriented adjustment of national policies. If the subsequent policy guidance and supervision can keep up, protect property rights and adjudicate disputes in transactions, the market can make a smooth transition. Before the cancellation of qualification, due to the professional nature of sports construction, product sample blocks were generally used for inspection in the industry. Construction enterprises used fixed manufacturers that cooperated for many years when selecting products, and quality assurance can be traced back to the source. After the opening of the market, some new construction enterprises pursue low price. Under the loopholes of imperfect restriction standard and supervision system, all kinds of "three no" products or inferior materials that can not be guaranteed will flood the market with inferior quality. On the surface, the owner saves the cost. In fact, the sample block used for inspection is not consistent with the actual construction product, so as to bury the bombs of safety and quality.



In this regard, Zhao Wenhai suggested that in the future bidding process, we should try to scientifically implement the manufacturer's qualification rating, force the manufacturer's production qualification, standardize the production conditions and product quality supervision, increase the process of random inspection of the manufacturer's products, inhibit the growth of "Shanzhai materials" and "three no materials", and solve the problems from the source 。 And the government should also strengthen the supervision and innovation of enterprises, and never stop the false propaganda and vicious competition.
Zhao Wenhai believes that the runway is ultimately to protect children from injury in sports. Campus, artificial grass, basketball court coating and plastic runway, are chemical products in the field of sports applications. Safety and health are the minimum guarantee for their application in the campus. The event of "poison track" keeps fermenting in an irrational direction, which will not only harm the plastic track industry, but also damage the collective reputation of the whole sporting goods industry in the society.
"We have to come up with a practical methodology after all. Of course, we can not face problems with the attitude and mentality of "eyeball striking". To make the industry healthy and the children healthy is our ultimate goal of being a sports facility practitioner. "
Zhao Wenhai believes that the only way we can rely on to solve the problem runway is perhaps the quantitative design of default cost by the system. Sometimes human nature is the most unreliable - the cost of credit default in the current institutional arrangement is very low, so that some people will ignore the punishment brought by moral hazard, making "gentlemen become the fish on the table", thus giving birth to the strange phenomenon that "bad money drives out good money" in this industry. At the same time, the rapid improvement and promulgation of scientific and reasonable new national mandatory standards or industry standards will accelerate the "third technological revolution" of the industry. Innovative, environmental friendly and professional excellent products with independent property rights will eventually bring positive energy to the industry and sustainable development health to the industry.
On the way back after farewell to Zhaowen Haidao, you can see the modern prosperity outside the window and feel it deeply. The history of business is always full of dramatic color: an industry is always waiting for an unlimited future, but it is also the time of crisis; on the contrary, when it encounters decline, bottleneck or even "self destruction", a market development based on the consciousness of the whole society wakes up will come instead. The distrust between people, between people and enterprises, between enterprises and enterprises, the threat of life, the hidden dangers of security and the reasons for our anger will eventually help to build a new industry "circuit breaker" mechanism - a new "circuit breaker" mechanism based on society and the whole market.
Source: China Sports Blog
Article / Cui Jue


Media interview: every one of us has a copy of the "disease" in the plastic track industry -- Zhao Wenhai



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