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-ESPU® Semi-prefabricated Ball Court


Company Profile

Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd(Changhe Group) was founded in July 2002. Changhe Group is a large-scale National High-Tech enterprise with diverse development. It manufactures sports flooring systems materials、construction chemical materials、commercial and industrial floor coatings systems 、resin synthesis、petrochemicals、yacht manufacturing and tourism, etc. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other international standard system certifications fully stipulate. 


Changhe Group is well-known for its leading research and development in sports floorings systems materials ,especially the invention of “Si-PU” material . It has 16 national patents and more than 20 R&D personnel .There are two major production bases in Jiangmen city and Nanjing city with an annual production capacity of over 200,000 tons. Changehe Group has 24 marketing service offices nationwide and the products are exported to many countries .The cumulative paving sports ground area has exceeded 40 million square meters.


Adhering to the development concept of "Independent Innovation, Focus Makes Perfect", Changhe Group has always used innovation as the navigation mark of its product development market, and has accumulated strong core competencies of company by virtue of innovation advantages. So far, Changhe Group has invested in the establishment of technology R & D centers in Beijing and Guangdong, condensing a strong and innovative technology R & D force, and united with many famous universities and scientific research institutions, with the mission of professional research and development of high-tech products.Constant innovations have created a solid backing for Changhe's technological progress and sustainable development.  


As a socially responsible enterprise, Changhe Group not only meets the stringent environmental protection and hygiene requirements in the entire process of product development, raw materials, production, use and disposal; in terms of charity and public welfare, Changhe Group also joins hands with Guangdong Province “One Heart Public Welfare Foundation” established the Changhe Charity Fund, which is jointly managed and operated by both parties,strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the principles of openness and transparency,and other public welfare activities.The fund will be operated in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the principles of openness and transparency, through special funding, publicity and other activities, so as to use the fund for poverty alleviation and student assistance ,and other public welfare activities.


■China Athletics Association certified products, IAAF certified products, ATP Tour venue material supplier

■National high-tech enterprise, famous brand in Guangdong Province

■Inventor of Si-PU Ball Court 、SPU Running Track&ESPU® Semi- prefabricated Running Track/Ball Court 

■Passed China Environmental Labelling Type I, EU RoHS, EU CE certification

■One of the top ten brands of Chinese sports facilities in 2019

■One of the editor-in-chief units of industry association standards (T/SHHJ000003-2018)

■Deputy Director Unit of School Sports Ground Professional Committee of Shanghai Chemical Building Material Industry Association


The 4th Generation Ball Court System

Developed By Changhe

The ideal which Changhe has been pursued for 18 years

The ideal of Changhe is to innovate and develop the most professional, environmentally friendly, durable and simple pavement products with complete quality control by factory for ball court .

The surface layer of the ESPU®seamless semi-prefabricated court is made of solvent-free water-based acrylic material, and the bottom is made of prefabricated micro-foamed polyurethane cushion roll which independently developed by Changhe. Using factory prefabrication technology, the product performance is constant and consistent, effectively avoiding quality problems such as bulging, delamination, and non-curing in the construction of cast-in-place sites. On the premise of ensuring the professional performance of the stadium, the construction process is reduced to meet the faster construction .

ESPU®Seamless Semi-prefabricated

Ball Court System - Si-PU Surface

Silicon Pu has become

the classic of outdoor court benchmark

starting effect. Also the movement and friction sites have color fading with white marks.As well as the uneven quality of PU materials, the surface of the court gets soft, sticky, and smelly, and lacks of sports texture with poor weather resistance in the sun.

In order to break through the defects of traditional materials, Changhe has taken three year and successfully develop a new surface material- “Si PU”. The ESPU® Ball Court System adopts this more wear-resistant Si-PU material as the surface layer, which comprehensively breaks through the defects of traditional acrylic acid such as brittleness, hardness and easy cracking. The composite polymer material effectively supports the surface layer and has excellent ductility, which plays an effective dynamic crack resistance role. The professional structure of hard surface and elastic bottom can effectively increase the movement buffer, reduce the injury of ankle, joint and ligament caused by the ground reaction force, and effectively reduce the sports accidental injury caused by falling .


ESPU®Seamless Semi-prefabricated Ball Court System

Crystal Gem Surface & Wood Grain Surface

Breaking through the limitations of

traditional ball courts !

Not only professional ball court

but also the golden choice for multi-purpose use

In the urban construction environment, the construction demand of "one multi-purpose" sports ground is obvious at present. The crystal gem surface and wood grain surface of ESPU® Ball Court System can meet the new positioning of the sports field. The unique crystal transparent surface coating and high-strength elastic material are applied to the sports layer material of the court. The surface layer has stronger hardness, which ensures the wear resistance of the surface layer, the prefabricated PUR cushion roll layer has more toughness and better compression recovery rate, so as to ensure the sports comfort, Moreover, it can handle extreme sports such as roller skating, skateboarding, bicycles, etc., as well as temporary car parking, so as to realize a multi-purpose function that the traditional ball courts can not provide. It really integrates sports, decoration and multi-purpose use and other multi-purpose performance into one, breaking through the application boundary of "court is just a court".

The 4th Generation ESPU® 

Prefabricated PUR Cushion Roll

With more than 18 years of production and construction experience, Changhe group found that the cast-in-place stadium is prone to uneven materials mixing and non standard construction on site, resulting in uneven thickness, non curing, foaming and other problems in ball courts construction. 

Therefore, after years of research and development, combined with the unique micro-foamed patented technology, Changhe group has launched the 4th generation ESPU®prefabricated cushion roll to solve the industry's difficult construction, long time-consuming, affected by external factors such as environment and weather, so as to simplify the construction process and improve the efficiency on the basis of ensuring professional and high-quality sports performance. 

In the production process of ESPU® prefabricated PUR cushion roll, high-quality and brand new polyurethane material is selected, no waste filling, environmental protection, non-toxic and no odor.  

ESPU®Seamless Semi-prefabricated Ball Court System ,the surface layer adopts the integrated seamless forming construction technology. After the prefabricated PUR cushion roll is laid, the reinforcing layer and surface layer are paved on site as a whole. It is not only beautiful and unified, but also plays a role of secondary leveling, and can solve the problem of joints between the splicing positions of traditional prefabricated surface. It can avoid the quality problems such as deformation, arching, bubbling and cracking, and ensure the service life of the course with constant chemical and physical properties after the overall construction.

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-ESPU® Semi-prefabricated Ball Court