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Jiangmen City Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. has joined hands with Xenuo Sports and Xenuo Finance to provide customers with optional services such as PPP and material financial support.

PPP financial services

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Financial Services

Advantages of Changhe PPP financial services

China's current PPP model is mainly divided into 3 categories and 15 types of project operation modes, and Changhe PPP financial services mainly involve the following four operation modes:
1. The government authorizes the investor's representative to form a PPP project company with the social investors. The project company invests, constructs, operates and maintains the PPP project. After the operation and maintenance expires, the project company transfers the project facilities to the government for free;
2. The registered capital of the project is actually invested by the government and social capital parties in proportion to monetary funds. The project company and social investors are responsible for financing the relevant capital requirements during the construction and operation of the project company;
3. The project company operates and maintains the availability of the project during the franchise period, and collects service fees from the government department and recovers the investment to obtain a return;
4. Government paid purchase services are included in the fiscal year budget and medium- and long-term fiscal planning, and approved by the local people's congress.

PPP is the English abbreviation of Public-Private-Partnership and refers to a business model in which the government and social capital cooperate. The promotion and application of the PPP model in the field of infrastructure and public services is a major reform task at the national level and is in line with the country's long-term strategy for economic and social development.
Changhe Group's PPP financial services are supported by services jointly launched by Changhe Group, Xeno Sports and Xeno Financial, relying on Jiangmen Changhe Group's sales network and Xeno Financial's strong capital operation capabilities to provide customer resources and capital protection for PPP projects. Committed to becoming China's most professional sports construction overall solution provider, providing SME owners with full case services from project management to corporate capitalization operations.

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