Changhe people's annual feast, show your personality charm

At the end of each year, Changhe Group will have a "family event". Changhe employees can not only enjoy the food at the scene, but also participate in sweepstakes, interactive games, and show performances. Performers can use their unique creativity to drive the year with different performance forms. The atmosphere and personal charm.

Thinking about things and thinking, thinking and people.

To achieve customers is our greatest pursuit; to achieve employees is our greatest joy, which is Changhe's corporate purpose and Changhe's purpose of refining group operation and management strength. As a socially responsible company, Changhe Group not only adheres to the high standards of environmental protection and hygiene in its products; in terms of charity, it also established the Changhe Charity Fund for public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation and education, and used actions to transfer positive energy.

Create with mind, create value, and win-win with society.

In the future, Changhe will further optimize the company's own structure and improve product quality, adhere to "quality" as its core, provide customers with valuable products and services, and win-win with the society, and continue to contribute to the healthy development of China's sports industry.

Employee vocational training

Chinese New Year Games

Colorful cultural and sports activities to enrich employees' spare time

In order to enrich the amateur cultural and sports life of employees, and promote the construction of the group's spiritual civilization and corporate culture, we regularly hold a New Year Games every year. Through sports competitions, employees can express themselves in the games, give play to their sports strengths, and release while exercising. Work pressure, effectively strengthen the spirit of teamwork, and promote the deepening of communication between personnel in various departments.

Comprehensively improve staff competence and comprehensive quality to achieve common progress

The Group attaches great importance to the continuous value-added of human capital, provides employees with numerous vocational training and learning opportunities, comprehensively improves employees' job competence and comprehensive quality, enables employees to grow synchronously with the company, and enhances the core competitiveness of the company's human capital.

Employee activity

Our Mission

Enterprise value proposition

Protect the earth, beautify the earth, and persist in the pursuit of environmental protection.

Changhe products are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, healthy, and elegant. Whether it is the well-known classic sports fitness product silicon PU, or the SPU runway that meets the requirements of the new national standard and the Shanghai League Standard, it is the essence of Changhe Group's innovative research and development. We have been working hard to innovate, research and develop more environmentally friendly and healthier products, strive to improve product quality, and contribute to protecting and beautifying the planet.

To be a world-class material supplier and provide customers with more quality service options.

Since the beginning of the factory, Changhe people have always kept in mind their goal: "to be a world-class production and supplier of paving materials". In order to achieve this goal, Changhe people always take the achievement of customers as their biggest pursuit, research, development, production and sales of all-round development, and vowed to "be a world-class production and supplier of pavement materials", in addition to provide financial services and engineering Service two options service, and through the excellent service, let each customer experience the real benefits, health and perfect quality.

Talent development

Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to talent development, provides excellent job promotion opportunities and broad development space for outstanding talents, and encourages employees to achieve self-worth through competitive cooperation.





Spring Festival

Business philosophy

Company culture

Tour group building

Future vision

A purely relaxing tour, building a group with education and fun.

Life is not just about the work at hand, but also about eating and distant places. Happiness is not only WiFi + mobile phones, but also group building when you go! In order to alleviate work pressure and increase team cohesion, so that everyone has full enthusiasm to meet future work challenges, we organize a group trip every year to feel a different cultural landscape.

company culture




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