The second industry revolutionary innovation-SPU runway material

Do not forget the original intention, innovation leads. From the project establishment in 2010 to 2013, Changhe Group has finally developed a new track material that can effectively improve athletes' speed performance and protect the safety of users at the same time-"SPU", successfully solving the coexistence problem of sports competition and sports protection in the industry. The SPU runway adopts the mainstream hard-elastic structure in the international arena. Through micro-balloon foaming technology, it provides the best shock absorption and rapid rebound for sports, realizing the professional requirements of international competitions. At the same time, the performance requirements of the new national standard are well known. At home and abroad.

The third industry revolutionary innovation-ESPU stadium, runway, and Zhirou trail

Changhe's innovation and upgrading of quality has never stopped. In 2018, Changhe pioneered the application of prefabricated polyurethane foamed elastic mats and coils in the materials of stadiums, runways, and trails. The elastic layer uses honeycomb closed-cell microfoaming technology and standardized production in the factory. And weather resistance, can adapt to various temperatures, feel warm and comfortable, and the structure will not be damaged by external forces for a long time. Can effectively upgrade the use of stadiums, runways and trails in professional performance, environmental protection construction, service life, daily maintenance, etc., with higher shock absorption, smaller vertical deformation, balanced physical performance and meet higher environmental protection requirements , Is a new generation of sports floor environmental protection products.

Research achievements

The first revolutionary innovation in the industry-Silicon PU court material

At that time, traditional stadium materials were synthetic materials invented by European and American countries. There were obvious defects in terms of environmental protection, performance and construction conditions. In 2002, Zhao Wenhai, chairman of Changhe Group, led the team to initiate a project and independently developed a new course material suitable for national conditions. In 2005, the scientific research team lasted for 3 years, and after numerous failures, summing up, and improvement, it finally successfully developed a "silicone PU" that meets the requirements of sports physical characteristics and has the characteristics of rigid and elastic structure. Changhe Group gives silicon PU the vitality to keep pace with the times, realizes solvent-free production in environmental protection performance, at the same time enhances sports protection performance, improves shock absorption capacity, and fully meets the new national standard requirements. At present, silicon PU as an industry standard has become a national stadium Preferred material.

Continuous innovation is the enterprising belief of Changhe Group. Changhe Group successfully created the legend of silicon PU in 2005, set off a nationwide storm of stadium material revolution, and was widely recognized by the sports industry and society. Changhe Group launched the Changhe SPU runway in 2013, which has won the affirmation and trust of users at home and abroad. In 2019, Changhe has innovatively upgraded its court, runway, and trail series products, and launched ESPU courts, ESPU runways and Changhe Zhirou trails with better performance. This is not just a purely innovative change. The pursuit of perfection and extreme dedication.

Scientific research achievemen

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