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2006/08/05 16:55
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At the Forum on August 4, Mr. Zhao Wenhai, general manager of Jiangmen Changhe chemical group, elaborated on the new material silicon PU for professional stadium.


Mr. Zhao Wenhai, general manager of Jiangmen Changhe Chemical Group


At the Forum on August 4, Mr. Zhao Wenhai, general manager of Jiangmen Changhe chemical group, elaborated on the new material silicon PU for professional stadium.

Tebang silicon Pu (SPU) stadium material is a kind of national patent stadium material developed by Changhe group, which has multi-functional sports and construction advantages.
Through the technology of modified silicon elastic particles, PU materials can be directly constructed on the concrete floor without cracking and bubbling. At the same time, it has the excellent characteristics of conventional Pu and acrylic acid, which is the best choice for health engineering.
The properties of silicon Pu are as follows:
The double-layer structure is designed in accordance with the requirements of international indoor standard competition field. It is a professional sports floor product applied to outdoor in the form of indoor standard competition field, which has opened up the new material of outdoor professional field floor.
1. Special surface layer - tough to medium band, with a certain friction coefficient. It can not only ensure that the athletes start quickly and move easily, but also make them feel safe on the ground.
2. High rebound elastic layer can not only protect the joints of athletes, reduce the risk of ligament injury, but also improve the running speed and competitive level of athletes.
1. Excellent weather resistance. It will not fade, pulverize, harden and soften due to the environmental changes such as ultraviolet, ozone, rain and high and low temperature climate, and can keep its bright colors for a long time. Under normal circumstances, the color will not change in five years and the elastic service time will not change in ten years.
2. Superior wear resistance. The utility model can ensure the permanent and stable appearance and structure characteristics, good wear resistance, and meet the needs of long-term and high use frequency.
3. Anti pollution strong surface layer - tough, dense, not easy to be scraped by sole or other hard objects, can keep the court clean and fresh for a long time. Unattended courts are also suitable for use.
Environmental protection
All indicators of the product have reached the national indoor decoration and health standards, and have obtained the environmental protection certificate. In the use and construction process, the product does not produce toxic and harmful substances, which is a real environmental protection product.
Comprehensive use of low cost, no special maintenance, easy to clean, is the best cost-effective products. It has strong adaptability and can be constructed on various solid ground with optional color and thickness. The asphalt floor can be directly laid, the new and old cement concrete floor can be laid after surface treatment, greatly reducing the cost of foundation ground treatment.
Attachment: after the meeting, according to the reporter, a teacher of Beijing Normal University immediately found the booth of the company after listening to the speech, and handed the relevant tender to the company. It seems that in the same sentence, foreign things do not necessarily adapt to China's national conditions, as long as they have excellent products, there are markets there.
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